The Crucible

#1: Welcome to the Crucible

The Crucible: Session 1 Battlefield Total Exp: 2,000/PC Total GP: 100GP/100SP
Wyrven CR6/2,400Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
Guard x2 CR2/600Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
Alpha Armor N/A 6,000 GP
Unknown Wrist Device N/A 3,000 GP
Dark Matter Great Sword N/A 8,000 GP
Dawnstar 1000Xp/Player Artifact

Soft snow tumbled from the sky as cold icy winds sliced through buildings in the city of Arithal. Even in the middle of the day it seemed impossible to shake the coldness that clung to your body like death’s embrace. This winter weather seemed to the people to be the coldest and most brutal one they could remember. Those not fortunate enough to find shelter soon perished along the sides of the roads. Their corpses remaining until noticed by one of the Legion patrols who would then dispose of the body. Nijena moved quickly through the streets, trying to avoid any contact as she kept her eyes on the Society’s Supply Depot. No one really pays attention to the poor in the city so her movements go mostly unnoticed. There are 5 days remaining before the heist is supposed to take place. She glances at the sky, admiring the amber hues as the sun begins to set, and shivers slightly as the cold wind finds contact with her skin. She makes a mental note of how many guards can be seen through the windows before she leaves for her home.

Back at the Children’s Shelter Ainanar and Kára are making preparations for how to leave the city. With no one having any experience out in the wilds, they find themselves doubting and constantly changing their minds on what to bring with them. They look up as the door swings open letting in all the cold winter air. Nijena enters and sets her wools upon the rack near the fire. “How did the search go?” Kára asked as she looked over the provisions for what seemed like the hundreth time. “The Depot is close to Bakers Gate, but there is no where to keep the horses. Ainanar, do you think your other clerics have a place we could stable them until they are needed?” Ainananr thinks for a moment as she stares into the fire. “The stables are not used very often but it shouldn’t be a problem to stable them there for a short time.”

The scouting continued over the next few nights as the adventurers continued to plan and prepare for their journey. They wouldn’t have much time once the news was announced. Only an hour to get into the Supply Depot and steal the orb from the Society before the gates were closed for the evening. Their list of provisions at this point had been acquired and now all that was left to do was wait and not draw attention to themselves. Four days does not seem like a long time yet it moved at such a languid squalor that emotions and tempers were starting to run high. The group was thankful the morning that the paper came out with the news, “Society Buys Orb!” No one in the town had really suspected the Pathfinder Society of having that much gold. 3 million gold is no small sum to be handed over, let alone to be handed over all at once.

Where the days before moved slow, today moved far to quickly. Supplies needed to be moved, horses needed to be stabled, and an Orb needed stealing. As night began to fall, they gathered at the back door to the Societies Supply Depot. They took a deep breath and one last look around as once they began there was no going back. Their nerves causing them to shake slightly, yet they blamed it on the cold instead. Then with a nod it began. Ainanar cast his spell and covered them in a cloak of silence to hide their actions. She then moved to check the door for traps. Finding none Nijena opened the door and looked inside. The room was faintly illuminated, soft light filled the edges of the room as lanterns sat on stone ledges on the wall. Torchlight could be seen coming from two of the other rooms. They crept like mice thanks to the silence spell, and moved to investigate the other sources of light. They found a guard making his patrols in a room with a grand spiral staircase.

Not one to wait, Kára charged with her Greataxe, making quick work of the guard and spraying his entrails all over the wall and some out the window. As the torch fell to the ground, they noticed a metal trapdoor with a thick lock. Where Kára had no problem hitting the guard, the lock proved to be a tougher challenge. They were lucky that the silence spell was still in effect as the great axe missed a few times hitting the metal door instead. Eventually the lock is damaged enough where Kára could break it with her hands. They made there way down the ladder and found a large storeroom. This is probably where the gold was stored to pay out the 3 million gold used for the orb. Only a little bit of gold and jewels remained and the party was quick to pocket those. The spell that Ainanar cast to hide them in silence ended while they quickly searched the few chests that remained here. Not finding the orb they decided to head up the stairs to the second floor.

The sound of a fire could be heard coming from the next room as they ascended the stairs with weapons ready. Only to find no guards patrolling the upper level. They moved with failed grace and only Nijena moved with any semblance of stealth. As they explored Nijena managed to find the statue they were looking for, but failed to notice the scribe that had fallen asleep at his desk until she was right next to him. Kára was not one to miss things though, she noticed the unarmed sleeping scribe and made quick work of him. His head rolling off the desk, covering the papers, his child’s drawing, and his accounting ledgers in blood. Nijena pulled on the arm of the statue to try and open the secret door. This caught Ainanar a little off guard as the stone wall next to her shifted to reveal a secret room with a gold chest sitting on it. She looked for traps and it is probably a good thing they acted so quickly as the Society had not had time to put on any of the traps they would have liked. So the chest opened easily to reveal the Orb. As she picked it up, a new voice could be heard from the hallway. “Halt, you aren’t allowed in here!” Yelled the guard as he approached Nijena with his weapon drawn. The guard may have wanted to rethink this as he made his approach only to be cleaved in two from Kára’s greataxe.

With all the guards dead, not a lot of time remained to return to the horses and leave the city. Player Characters being Player Characters however, love to cut the timing close and choose to explore the Depot a bit longer. They managed to find a few magic items but the item of most important was the shields of protection that the Society uses to travel through the wilds. Not wanting to leave any of them behind they took all three in the hopes that it would delay them from following them. They swapped their wool clothing that was covered in blood before leaving to gather there horses. They made their way to the gates, paranoid and concerned, only to find that no one stopped them. Word had not yet gotten out of the theft. The guards waved them through as they closed the gates behind them.

For days they traveled through the mountain passes headed south. Constantly looking back, checking every few minutes for the hunters that didn’t come. These city dwellers feeling lost at night as the cold seeped into their bones and the strange sounds of the wild haunted their dreams. The going was tough but soon it was a little warmer as they reached the edge of the forests of Eagle Valley. The wilds are dangerous and no one really travels in between the towns. The trails they followed sometimes stopped at a dead end forcing them to double back and find a new path. Thankfully the weather had been cooperating yet everyone knew that wouldn’t last forever. The days on horseback had left them sore, as their bodies were not used to the jarring motions or the frantic pace of the first few days. As they traveled on the morning of the twelfth day they came across a strange structure.

Two odd columns stood out as a glaring contrast to the verdant green landscape around them. Nijena was the only one to notice so she had the others dismount and they tied up the horses to investigate it further. As they got closer however, something else wanted to investigate them. The Wyrven had been resting on the warm rocks, but had moved along the trees to get a look at the horses he wanted to eat for lunch. Kara screamed with rage and went to town on the poor beast with each attack leaving gaping holes in its scales. Not expecting it’s prey to attack it back the beast fled, barely surviving the dangerous assault. It let out a cry of pain as it flew off into the distance.

Kára, Ainanar, and Nijena, took stock of the damage and were pleased to discover that only Kára had taken a small amount of damage. Now that the Wyrven had been taken care of that gave them time to investigate the Columns and the old sarcophagus that rested in the center of this small run down temple. Old runes grace the edges of the top and in Archaic common written upon the lid is:

Thus may ye seen, that wysdom ne richesse,
Beautee ne sleighte, strengthe ne hardynesse,
Ne may with Venus holde champartie,
For as hir list, the world than may she gye.
Lo, alle thise folk so caught were in hir las,
Til they for wo ful ofte seyde ‘allas!’

Above and below the writing are two holes where someone could stick their hand in. The party was hesitant to test anything the GM might throw at them, especially with no Rogue to investigate traps, but they did feel a little better when their detect magic didn’t identify any dangers. Nijena was the first one brave enough to test the smooth obsidian stone with the hand print chiseled out. Depending on your outlook, thankfully nothing happened, as Ainanar was standing back with her scimitar waiting to fight whatever horror leaped out from this sarcophagus. Every possible undead horror was coming to her mind as she watched Kára place her hand upon the same stone. When nothing happened Ainanar was dreading what she knew was coming next, they were going to want her to try. She approached with hesitation, giving her scimitar to Kára incase some Lich or Wight or other horror escaped. Her hand shook with trepidation as she placed it on the cool obsidian. Immediately there was a different reaction from the others. Cool metal quickly encased her hand, preventing her from removing it.

The runes on half of the sarcophagus glowed with a bright light as her hand felt like it was being burned. Then just as quickly the metal that encased her hand released her. The ominous purple glow of the runes remained though. Partly from the pressure of her companions and partly out of curiosity she mustered the courage to place her hand on the other obsidian plate. Once again came the cool metal, the pain and the runes. This time however, the lid shifted just an inch. Ainanar jumped back as quick as she could, and only calmed down when she realized nothing was trying to claw its way out. No horrors to be fought, This Time!!!! She reclaimed her sword as the others pushed the lid off. Inside was a strange suit of armor unlike anything they had seen before. ((Need to add wiki pages)) On its arm was a strange device, and in its hands was a glowing sword.

Ainanar continued to stand a sort of guard while Kára investigated the new great sword and Nijena investigated the armor. In the hands of the Outsiders the items stayed dormant however as soon as Ainanar came into contact with them they came to life. Causing Ainanar to go as far as throwing down the helmet when a strange voice started speaking some strange language from the inside. While investigating the strange wrist device, another strange occurrence happened. While trying to discover its properties, Kára started speaking in some strange tongue. The Armor took some getting used to but it eventually finished adjusting to Ainanar’s size once she had it all on. Her watch with its strange display continues to baffle her but as a group they figured out how to dim the display some at least. They managed to discover a somewhat common language with the devices using celestial, but there is still a large language divide left to be covered. The session ended with Ainanar grabbing the orb while wearing all the new equipment, and suddenly being bombarded with a bunch of stuff in a mix of languages.

root@TerminalPublic4:~# open
//…….. Some Data Corrupted……….(8002F225)
//Attempting Data Recovery……………………
//Booting Backup Systems….
//Restarting Systems……………..
//Starting Eden Project
//Determining Ansible Connection
//Re-positioning Ansible Arrays
//Error- Unable to Establish Uplink
//Error- Improper Shutdown
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 1
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 2
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 3
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 4
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 5
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 6
//Restarting Connection 2/15



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