From the Royal Archives:

Nonae Septembres
With the Empire on the brink of collapsing, the Seraphs have brought forth a plan that could change the entire balance of power. Would it finally allow the peace we have been looking for? Do I dare give them what they are asking of me?
—Emperor Lucius Aurelius Commodus

The Dawnstar program was a secret initiative put into place by the Seraphs in the year 342 AC (Ante Clades: Before the Disaster). Using a combination of Magic, Science and a willing subject, the Seraphs came up with a way to store a human mind inside a custom made obsidian stone. These stones where then linked to a super powerful weapon harness and melded together with strong magic and small nanobots. When all systems are running at full power, these Dawnstars can hover and fly at a speed of 50ft with Good Maneuverability.

The Dawnstars are Sentient Legendary Artifacts. They contain communication arrays which enable planet wide communication if properly configured to the Dawnstar Network. Dawnstars connected to ships have many new and different technologies and powers available to them. Each Dawnstar can only operate their own systems. Some Dawnstars have the ability to cannibalize or hack other systems, an example of that is the Dragon Dawnstar. Only one Dawnstar has the power to use all the systems without needing any special access.

After the Great Disaster, many of the Dawnstars where left behind on Xapham as the people fled to the planet Salathiel.


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