Dawnstar Clans

Old Empire Major Houses: Old Empire Minor Houses:
#: House Name: Dawnstar: Armor: #: House Name: Dawnstar: Armor:
1 7 Seraphs ?!?!?!? Merkabah 8 The Djinn Trois Voeux
2 Ravens Eve Raven Soul 9 The Circle Luna Cagliostro’s Seal
3 WolfPack Adam Alpha Armor 10 Sanguine Night Endless Souls
4 Golden Anvil The Covenant 11 Nether Assembly Fleeting Light
5 The Menders Light’s Hope 12 Order of Nethys Twisted Heart
6 Grave Knights Argent Knight 13 Emain Ablach Laoch
7 Dragons Oblivion D.R.A.G.O.N. 14 Oblivione ∞ Torment
These Rankings Reflect the Old Empire. Rankings will be Updated At End of Each Campaign.
Many of these Clans no longer exist.


The Pathfinders: Faction Pathfinder Society
The Royal Legion: Faction The Legion
The Nobles: The Davenport Family

New Empire Houses: New Empire Enemies:
#: House: Leader: #: House: Villians
1 Dragons First Dragon Kára 1 DC Djinn DC Djinn
2 Wolfpack Wolfpack Leader Ainanar 2 Unknown Signs Name: €
3 Ravens Unkindess Nijena (MIA) 3 Grave Knights Strange Skull Guy
4 House Go Boom Deahna 4 Sanguine Night PC’s Killed King in Tree City
This is the most Current state of the campaign. Will be updated as the game goes on.

Dawnstar Clans

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