Faction Pathfinder Society


Welcome to the Pathfinder Society


“Fortes fortuna iuvat”

The Pathfinder Society is one of the oldest factions existing on Salathiel. Life in the Pathfinder Society is very hard and often short lived as it is dangerous to travel in between the cities. The Pathfinder Society is also one of the few factions that the Royal Families trust their deliveries to. Becoming a Pathfinder is difficult as they rarely takes in older members. They prefer to train younger children who can be molded and trained into ideal Pathfinders. Pathfinders learn the bow, the sword, the pistol and survival skills to help them traverse the wilds. Thanks to the Royal Family, Pathfinders are granted great luxuries and benefits that are denied to normal citizens. Citizens can hire a Pathfinder to carry goods or letters, yet the fee is normally to high for most commoners. Pathfinder Society Chapter Houses are located in every major city and even a few outposts can be found in some of the harder to reach areas. Insults to Pathfinders are a great way to find yourself in jail, so be careful what you say in their presence. The Pathfinder Society has a lot of money and influence and for the right price will sell you information as well. Recently the Pathfinder Society purchased an old Dawnstar for a staggering sum of 3 Million Gold.

Some information has yet to be found or high enough knowledge checks have not been made. Information will be updated over time as the Player Characters unlock more information.


Faction Pathfinder Society

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