The Davenport Family


The Davenport Royal Family


“Vivat, crescat, floreat!”

After the great exodus one Family wanted nothing to do with the Empire of Old. Convinced it brought about this misfortune the Davenport Family exiled themselves taking their armies with them. Turning their back on the Empire and determined to make a new name for themselves here in this new world. Life in the new world was hard as the creatures here were unlike any of the ones they had on Xapham. Eventually they settled high in the Mountains far away from the Empire, in 24 PC (Post Clades: After Disaster), in their City of Fire and Sand.

As Time went on the family grew and they needed more space. So the family began to disperse out into the world. Taking parts of the Legion with them and spreading the influence of the Davenport Family Name. Due to the dangers of travelling the wilds, in the year 227 PC, the Royal Family created the Pathfinder Society to help facilitate the transportation of goods between cities. However, in the early years, the Pathfinders had an additional mission and that was to destroy all of the artifacts they found from the old Empire. This mandate was never officially taken off of the books, and caused a major rift with the Society in the year 1314 PC when the Lord James Davenport discovered a hidden stash of Artifacts in his city of Larith.

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The Davenport Family

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