The Crucible

Session List


Session 1 Welcome to the Crucible 05-11-2016
Session 2 The Search Begins 05-18-2016
Session 3 The Temple 06-01-2016
Session 4 A Quest For Power 06-08-2016
Session 5 Riders of the Storm 06-15-2016
Session 6 A Not so Subtle Misdirection 06-22-2016 Mizuki Joins
Session 7 Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. 06-29-2016 Level Up
Session 8 A Dangerous Mistake 07-06-2016
Session 9
Session 10
Session 11
Session 12
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
Session 16
Session 17 Crimson Sands 10-05-2016 Level Up

Crimson Sands

The morning sun peaks over the dunes, its rays burning off the few remaining drops of dew that tried to form during the cold night. The confines of the pyramid offered some level of shelter and protection to our adventurers. The morning started with early meetings for Ainanar , Dragon: Azura and Kára with a few others. A meeting to discuss the future of the clans and their place here in the world. Would the Dragons once again rise to their proper place or would the Wolves take charge of the new order of things. After a bit of deliberation and negotiations, the Dragons where decided to start their recruitment and once again take their rightful place in the Imperial City. That left only the problem of creating the new Dawnstar. With the material needed having been stolen from the ship, it was time to start asking around where they might find more. Oblivion was able to provide them with a location, however the odds of completing the mission were only 52% if they could find the Mako Armor needed. The decided that the risk was to high for right now, but they would look into finding the armor just in case they did decide to follow through with letting Jackson see if he could work out something. With the future of the clans and their purpose in the world decided the party decided to start the day full of vigor.

Ainanar made her way to city with Dragon: Azura to talk with the Content Not Found: grand-chancellor-scorpius. Their journey there was quiet and uneventful as they both where focused on their thoughts and plans. Ainanar to try and resurrect Fenris and Dragon: Azura to start recruiting more guards. Ainanar made her way to the temples to find where Fenris’ body was being kept. The ritual was much shorter than expected though as Fenris refused to come back. Some say he is simply taking a longer nap or a vacation and that is why he refused to come back. Not having any luck there, Ainanar made her way to the bar to have a drink or two, so she didn’t have to walk another 30 minutes straight back to the pyramid.

Kára finishes talking with Azura about a few ideas for the Dragons, and about recruitment then.

Deahna being unable to reach the others during their meeting decided to make her own fun. After looking around the ship some more she managed to find the dragon’s den aboard the pyramid. Dragon: Allaros was taking care of her Dragon and they began talking. Not knowing Deahna’s penchant for danger, she suggested they go pay those Sand Scum a little visit. Not needing much persuasion off they went. Bombing and shooting lightning down upon the Sand People’s homes. After a few passes they returned full of joy and laughter. The beginnings of a new friendship were being formed.

Deahan calls Kara to ask for Karas permission to access the ship

Kara and Ainanar Reurn to Ship

Kara goes to find Deahna

Ainanar goes to find Zaeven

Ainanar and Zaeven have heart to heart

Kara tells Deahana to go double check ship

Dehana finds Ainanar and Zaeven

Makes Zaven feel useless

Zaven leaves, tells Jackson to send a Scientist

Zaven goes to activate portal

Dehana and AIn finish and return to bridge

Ain goes to look for Zaven and gets to Jacksons door

Loud explosion (Portal room 4)

Dehana goes to fix engine,

Kara gets shit directions to find Zaven in portal room 5

Finds out Luna blew up Portal room 4

Rushs out to find Portal room 5

Finds the open portal

Ain and De return to control room

D tells Ain that Zaven went through the portal

Ain goes to town to look for Tessa

Kara goes through portal

(Kara calls out, Zaven kills bird, they loot mausoleum. 7 armor sets,)

(Kara takes cursed rings, puts them on, takes damage)

Kara helps Zaven return

Kara and Zaven in Infirmary

Ain is 15 minutes from town, gets message they’ve returned with the goods.

Ain gets to town. Asks about landing platform and practice ship. gets permission from Jackson by asking for Permission. Goes to Chancellor and asks for people to move. They go to record keeper then tessa. Tessa teaching class, Ain waits. They talk, she will investigate throne room and if she succeeds she wants to become god touched. Ain asks her out for drinks, she said sorry, have date with a throne.

Ain returns. at gates there gets message, Dawnstar Activation. Happens twice. Asks oblivion and gets unknown energy source. figures luna. Kara asks for all Dragons. Finds out Allaros is with D. They were relieving stress.

Ainanar Comes, Kara wakes
Ainanar goes through the bags (Takes Dawnstar)
Tries speaking to dawnstar
leaves to find Deahana
Deahana tries
returns to Kara
Kara speaks to Dawnstar
Kara freaks out
Sedate Kara and take Rings, Forget About Rings
Take Zaeven to Surgery
Kara Still Passed Out
Few Guards on Ship
2 With Group, 2 In Throne Room

Thank you for Reading
PC Letter:

Crystal Dragon,

You owe me your life Dragon. I shall call in that favor at a later time. Or I shall come and take that life when you are not drugged. There is no honor in your death that way. None of your stones are on my list. You may keep them for now. My master had other plans for your ship though.

– €

P.S. Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem. //GM Note: This bit in Auran, Chose latin to mix it up a bit! Rest of letter in common.

Not so Subtle Misdirection
The Crucible: Session 1 Battlefield Total Exp: 2,000/PC Total GP: 100GP/100SP
Wyrven CR6/2,400Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
Guard x2 CR2/600Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
Alpha Armor N/A 6,000 GP
Unknown Wrist Device N/A 3,000 GP
Dark Matter Great Sword N/A 8,000 GP
Dawnstar 1000Xp/Player Artifact
A Quest For Power
#3 The Temple
The Crucible: Session 3 Wolf Temple Total Exp: 2600XP/PC Total GP: 100
WolfPack Trial: Room 1 CR2/600Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
Unlocked the Dawnstar Adam 2,400Xp 0

The Cold halls and passages where once again starting to see the signs of life. A nice change from the years of it being dormant and quiet. Our day starts with the party being split into two different groups. Kára is causing trouble deep in the depths of the Trial of the Wolfpack, there without permission. While Ainanar and Nijena are being dutiful students, learning more about the true history of the world hidden from them by the Nobles of the main cities. After 2 days of listening to Kára’s rants and tantrums about how bored she was, the silence in the Temple went only unnoticed for a brief while. Like a concerned parent, both Ainanar and Nijena knew that the silence could only mean that Kára had managed to find some form of trouble to get into. Their fears where confirmed when after walking around the Temple they could not find her anywhere. There was only one room they had not checked, and that one was labeled, Do Not Enter.

There was no hesitation as Ainanar removed the Content Not Found: dawnstar-adam from his bag. Adam was loathe to give access to the rooms, until he found out that a member of the Dragon’s had made their way into the area. With his permission, the two PC’s made their way into the forbidden room. The stairs leading down apparently were a trap that had already been triggered. Now it was a smooth slide leading deep into the unknown and darkness. Nijena not disturbed cast light upon a piece of firewood and threw it down into the darkness. It traveled a good ways before she could no longer see the light. Ainanar used the time to tie a knotted rope to a sconce and prayed it would hold their weight. They made their way into the darkness, slowly and quietly, unsure of what might await them below.

Seeing an Ogre in chains using the piece of firewood with a light spell on it as a toothpick was probably as far down on the list of possibilities you can get. Clearly that is on the same level as a Dragon giving someone a manicure or something just as bizarre. However he didn’t seem at all bothered by their presence. They managed to investigate around him with no problem, Nijena even cast light on another stick after he finished chewing on the first one. Things seemed to be going well until Nijena came up to the Ogre and said, “Don’t eat the help, I’m here to help you.” The Ogre frowned at that and his deep voice filled the small room as he said, “Fail.” He moved over to open the hatch beneath him, letting them pass.

They could hear the sound of water as the descended further into the darkness. Eventually they arrived at the spider room. Water was slowly leaking down the walls, making this room even cooler than the one above. The torch in the center glowed with an odd flame as the stone in its center disrupted the light and sent it in a fractured pattern against the walls. Ainanar went to investigate the staircase by the torch while Nijena investigated the spider and the torch. There is always one whose desire to loot everything gets the party in trouble. Nijena did not disappoint as she took the stone from the torch. The stone platform the Torch was resting on spun close trapping Ainanar underneath. While up above, water flooded the room that Nijena was in. A passage in one of the walls opened and the force of the water carried Nijena from the room. Keeping her head above the water was difficult as it took her through some new unknown passages. She was even more disoriented when the water launched her outside, looking around she realized she was falling from a great height. The sound of waves could easily be heard beneath her as they crashed upon the rocks. The smell of salt in the air hung heavy around her as she began to fall. Her screams cut short by her impact with the water.

Ainanar hustled quickly back up the few stairs, only to see the slate slab had moved blocking her path back up. Seeing that it was pointless going back that way she decided to investigate the path forward instead. The rooms above that held all the Armor for the clans was only briefly looked over. She only stayed long enough to gather some books from the Wolf Pack room before venturing forth. Seeing no way but forward she pushed on, a little hesitant but with no other options. Thanks to Kara the door is open, so walking in she finds herself in a large reading room. Old couches and tables sat with empty lanterns and unlit candles resting nearby. Clearly no one has used this room in a long time. A lone door against the far wall is the only sound in the room as wind batters it from the other side.

A little while earlier……..
Kára made her way to the wooden door and examined it. The lock, if you can still call it that, had clearly seen better days. The salt in the air had eaten through most of the metal indicating it had been here a really long time. With little effort she removed it had the door open in no time. The cold wind from the sea battered her as she looked around. She had known the Temple was close but she didn’t realize it was this close. To her sides she can see the stunning height of the cliffs that she once stood on making her now feel rather small. Ahead is a small peninsula with a strange metal tower, odd windows grace the main floor and the very top floor. It’s placement is peculiar, as it does not appear to be a normal light house. Having come this far she wasn’t about to turn back now so she set forth, determined to unearth the secrets of this place. At first her path to the tower seemed rather easy. That was until the winds began to pick up. By the time she was halfway there it took all of her strength to not be blown backwards. She made it about 3/4 of the way before she lost her footing, and the wind pushed her back. She tried this for quite a while. She decided to take a break and think about everything that had been going on. It was a lot for her and she received a lot of mixed messages. Finally she gave in, the tears overcame her and she couldn’t stop them.

Her pity party was interrupted by screams. Looking around Kára saw Nijena flying through the sky like the Raven she is, only she doesn’t have her wings yet. The sickening impact of her body concerned Kára enough that she quickly stripped down as best she could and swam out to help bring Nijena back to the shore. With two members of the party reunited, the GM was once again happy, now to get the other member back. They chose this time to try and catch up and discover what the other had learned while travelling in the forbidden section. This was also the first time Kára admitted to someone that something strange was going on with her body, something strange ever since she placed her hands upon the Dragon Altar. Nijena offered to cut into the wound and make sure nothing was infected or anything strange was happening. Well she found something strange, yet thankfully Kara didn’t feel much pain as the area was so tender she quickly found herself unconscious. Her wounds healed quickly and she was quick to recover from fainting.

The door behind them opened as Ainanar had finally found her way to them. Together they once again caught up on what everyone had learned. This is also how Nijena managed to find out about the suits of Armor that remained in the section of the Forbidden area that she did not get to go to. With everyone in one place, they did sadly have to split up again. This was because Ainanar is the only proper Wolf Pack member among the group. With the strange light house up ahead and no way back they felt they had no choice but to investigate the strange tower. Ainanar moved towards the tower with no problem. The wind remained calm and she quickly found her way inside. The glass panels that appear to be windows have thin lines of something running through them that appear like cracks from a distance. The door was made of a strange metal that did not seem to show any signs of having been so close to the sea for so long. It was unlocked and opened easily for her.

The room was not like anything she had ever seen. A large desk/table covered half of the room (Like what one finds at a corporate lobby) and large glass paintings (monitors) that were badly cracked with odd lines of color running through them were mounted along the walls behind the desk. A jovial female voice seemed to be speaking in some form of really archaic common. She could tell it was some kind of repeating message as the words never changed and were always repeated in the same order. Investigating the room she discovered a narrow staircase behind the wall with the glass paintings. Unsure of what to do next she made her way up, to find a room full of metal cabinets. Some she could open and others she could not. In the center of the room was a dais with some wires sticking out of it. Now very unsure she pulled out Content Not Found: dawnstar-adam and was able to eventually figure out what to do. Not that Adam was much help. With Adam plugged in, strange noises began to sound from the cabinets. What did she do now! Also strange words began to come from her helmet. Although they were in celestial they made no sense to her.

INIT: 22Alpha Boot Sequence – Welcome to the Dawnstar AI Program
/Checking File Systems [OK]
/Adjusting Time [OK]
/ Remounting Root File System [OK]
/Remounting Dawnstar System [OK]
/Adjusting UI [OK]
/Attempting Ansible Connection [ERROR]
/Attempting Ansible Repairs [7%] ………

The noise coming from one of the cabinets begins to get louder and the front doors rise revealing a talkative Content Not Found: dawnstar-adam.

Meanwhile Outside….
Kára and Nijena were beginning to get restless as the waves crash into the rocks around them. Ainanar had been gone for a while now and she didn’t seem to be in any hurry to come back. If the GM had the illusion of keeping the party together it was clearly going to not be in this session. Nijena’s curiosity was not going to be held in check, so she went back into the Forbidden Rooms to check in on those rooms that the others got to see that she did not. She did not stay very long in the other vaults, the only one of interest to her was the one full of stuff from the Raven Clan. The walls were lined with potions and in the center of the room on a stand was a strange and compelling suit of armor. Unsure but with no one to stop her, she tried the armor on and smiled a bit as it adjusted to her dimensions. She then removed it and placed it in her bag of holding, hoping to hide its theft for as long as possible. She then turned her attention to all the potions in this room. Although some of them were bad she started the task of going through everyone of them.

Kára who was still outside, decided she was not going to let some wind stop her. No barbarian ever lets something as petty and simple as wind stop them when they set their mind to it. Seeking a different path she choose to swim to the end of the peninsula and then as quickly as possible make her way inside before the wind became to much. The main floor of the tower didn’t seem to interest her very much, her focus was only figuring out where Ainanar had run off to. So she made her way up the stairs and stopped at the top when she saw the construct.

“Greetings Disciple Ainanar.” The words seemed strange and tainted as the construct spoke them, as if they seemed hollow somehow. A million questions rushed through their minds. “Unauthorized access in Trials Vault 3. Disciple Ainanar, please investigate and remove all threats from the Trials.” A brief discussion brought Ainanar up to date that Nijena was probably the one the construct was referring too. So they asked the construct to remove the wind defense so that they could get back with no problem. With that removed they went looking for Nijena. The whole peninsula was a beacon of calm now, the waves also did not seem as violent or powerful. Just the soothing sound of waves rolling into the rocks and the cliff face. As suspected they found Nijena in the Raven room so they gathered her up and brought her back to the tower. She did find the tower to be a bit more interesting than Kára if you judge a book by its cover and how much emotion they express.

With night approaching and a day of exploring behind them Ainanar decided she was done and just wanted to get some rest. So she set up her tent by the exit of the Trials and began to try and sleep. Kára who had had a tougher day decided to just fall asleep in the same room where they found the construct. Nijena set up her tent also by the entrance, but it wasn’t very long before her curiosity once again got the best of her and she returned to the vaults.

“Disciple Ainanar, Intruder detected in the Trials Vault 3!” The voice from the helmet jolted Ainanar awake. This was going to take some getting used to. Ainanar tried reasoning with it, but eventually it was just to much for her. She convinced the Content Not Found: dawnstar-adam to send its construct to go remove Nijena from the vaults. She got out of the tent, packed it up and hugged the rocks underneath the cliff, taking her time on the more dangerous ones. Eventually she came to a path that led back to the entrance to the temple. Focused and determined she made her way back. Once there though her purpose became clear, WolfPack: Fenris, she was looking for Fenris. Luckily it didn’t require much searching as he was there at the entrance. She convinced him to come back to the tower in the hopes that he might be able to help her make something out of all that was going on.

#2 The Search Begins
The Crucible: Session 2 Battlefield Total Exp: 400XP/PC Total GP: 100
WolfPack Trial: Room 1 CR2/600Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
WolfPack Trial: Room 2 CR2/600Xp Cp 0/ Gp 1
WolfPack Trial: Room 3 200xp/Kara Cp 0/ Gp 0
Pearl N/A Gp 50
Opal N/A Gp 50

Here in the forest, the snow had not yet managed to take residence but the cold air still whipped its way through the trees. Not wanting to sleep on a Dragon feeding ground, they decided to keep pushing forward, thankful that they managed to keep their horses. The rest of the day was tedious as each tree begins to look more and more like all the others to these city dwellers. The marching order had changed though as Nijena took the lead with the orb. Kára continued to take the rear keeping an eye to the sky in case the Black Wyrven should return with more of its clan. Ainanar on the other hand paid very little attention to her surroundings. The strange device that created illusions was her primary focus.

Hand motions seemed to cause strange reactions to the illusions that emanated from it. Yet it was very difficult to decipher any meanings from the pictures. She only gave up on it when the others called a halt for the night. Perhaps a good nights rest would allow her to see things from a new perspective. Even though they may have been city dwellers it didn’t take them long to get used to the routine of taking care of the horses and setting up camp here in the wilds. Ainanar took first watch since her sight was not as good as others in the darkness. Though they may have gotten used to the routine, the odd sounds of the wilds still caused them to tense up. The occasional wolf howl could be heard in the distance. Thankfully the tokens they looted from the [[Factions: RS | Pathfinders]] have been doing a good job keeping the wild life away from them. It seemed only the larger creatures of the wilds were not affected by the tokens.

The night was quiet until it was Nijena’s turn at firewatch. There were no monsters or dragons or demons, just her insatiable thirst for knowledge. This was her first bit of time truly alone with the Orb. So with it in hand she began to ask it questions. She wasn’t sure she was having any luck until some strange lights appeared on the orb itself. Then across the camp she saw Ainanar sit up, say something to her helmet and shove it away in her bag of holding. Was it a coincidence or where her questions related? She wasn’t sure so she waited till the morning after Ainanar had prepared her spells to ask her. Nijena suggested that Ainanar talk to the Orb and see what she could discover from it. Now that should have been a simple task had someone given her a list of questions to ask. Instead someone got creative with the questions. With two words, Orb Glow, Ainanar managed to bathe the forest in a sphere of blinding light that could clearly be seen for miles in the cold dark predawn morning.

They managed to shut it off and decided to quickly leave the area. However once mounted on their horses they realized that the horses were still feeling the affects of the bright light. So they had to walk them for a mile before being able to mount up again and ride. After travelling for a couple hours they finally felt like they had put enough distance behind them to stop and talk. It didn’t take long for them to notice the smells of something cooking and soon after noticed what seemed like smoke coming from a chimney. Although they don’t have a single rogue among them, Nijena being the stealthiest of the group was volunteered to investigate. Nestled in the trees next to the shore was a small shack with the shutters wide open. Inside was a man cooking breakfast, his hair very well groomed and his home clean and orderly.

Nijena made her way back to the group, and they decided to investigate further. Before entering Ainanar decided to ask the Orb what it knew if anything of the man inside the shack. In an odd turn of events the Orb started quoting poetry. Even stranger, next to the door was a sign written in the same kind of verse as the poem that the Orb recited to her. With a simple knock the stranger tells them to enter so they do and quickly find what few seats remain. The gentleman is rather cordial, which is a change since normally the gm likes to make all of his NPC’s into smart asses. He introduced himself as the Raven and the PC’s pounced on him as quick as possible with their questions. Not really liking the answers, but things were starting to get interesting as they were slowly beginning to catch a glimpse of the larger forces at work here. However danger may lurk for some, as he told Kára to be careful with whatever choice she made should she come across the houses for if she choose wrong danger would seize her. Nijena was told she might find solace in one house if she choose the Raven should the choice be presented to her. Ainanar was left with no warnings, just the occasional distasteful glare from the gentleman in the cabin.

Wanting to be no where near the strangers who set off the bright light in the forest he told them to leave and then planned to travel as far away from them as possible. So they left the house but continued to discuss their plans and even went so far as to start asking the Orb more questions. Just as they were about to do something stupid, the Raven rushed out, grabbed Ainanar’s wrist, stopped the madness and told them to please just leave! They finally got the hint and continued their journey south. Little did they know that the events of the day were only going to continue to be bizarre and confusing.

The sounds of the ocean became a new companion as they used the shoreline as their own form of natural compass. Further south they traveled, hugging the coastline so the trees never became to dense for the horses. Ahead in the distance they could see something strange was happening in the forest. The view in front of them was fractured and shattered, as images of things were twisted and bent. A large metal ring surrounded by Altars stood in the middle of the clearing. Inside the large metal ring was a giant fireball that looked like it was exploding, however the fire did not seem to be moving at all. Leaves hung in the air creating strange patterns and swirls. Ainanar was the first one to work up the courage to try and traverse this strange section of the forest. However once inside the strange angles and lights messed with her head and she quickly got turned around and found herself once again outside of the effected area.

Seeing their companion return unharmed the others also worked up the courage to try and get inside. Nijena was the first to work her way inside and manage to stay inside the area. She quickly moved to investigate the altars. Ignoring entirely the giant exploding fireball in the center of the clearing. The symbols on the altars were easy to distinguish even though they were covered in leaves. With no hesitation she placed her hands on the obsidian hand plate. Cold metal encased her hand and the Altar choose her filling her with its power. It was then she noticed the large wolf sleeping under a tree. She went to try and wake it while the others choose their own paths.

Kára once inside also ignored the giant portal in the center of the clearing. Not one to shy away from danger she too looked over the Altars. However she must not have listened to the old man’s advice for her greed ended up costing her. Stepping up to the Dragon Altar with no fear or hesitation she offered her hand. The bands pulsed with a chilling cold that even with her resistances could be felt. It wasn’t until the voice started speaking to her that she started to doubt if she had made the right choice. She blindly accepted the terms and conditions and was feeling pretty good about herself. That was until she went to the Unicorn’s Altar. She placed her hand upon the obsidian hand plate and this time the metal that encased her pulsed with energy. The sound of screaming filled her mind. She wanted to remove her hand however it firmly had her. The screaming continued for what felt like hours but was only a couple minutes. It was then that she was certain she had chosen wrong. Eventually the Altar released her, but not before it berated her for the decisions she made. After she also went over to investigate the wolf.

Ainanar had a bit of difficulty staying inside this area but once in she set to work catching up on what the others did. She went to the Wolves Altar and cleared it of the leaves that had gathered on top. Written on the stone was 8 names. She was disturbed and intrigued when she noticed that her name was on that list, and it looked as if it had been recently carved on top. Her time at the altar was not surprisingly the least eventful as she had already been accepted by the pack. She then used the time to be the only one to investigate the large explosion that seemed suspended in time. It appeared to not be moving at all, but after staring at it long enough she did notice the tiniest of movement in the flame. That and some not so direct words from the Orb convinced her that they needed to leave as quickly as possible.

Nijena wasn’t having any of that though. She was determined to remove this wolf from the area before moving forward. So after trying to set it on fire and then dousing it in water, they decided to just carry him out of the area of effect and see if they could awaken him there. It took a little while but they managed to wake him. The GM must have hit his head or something cause here was a second PC that was actually informative and friendly. A very rare occurrence in a campaign and now two in one session! Someone call a Doctor! The wolf’s behavior is a little strange for a creature and they notice that his movements are very human like in nature. They begin to suspect that this is not a true wolf but actually someone either wild shaped or polymorphed into this form. The GM was feeling a little generous so he allowed the PC to cast tongues on the wolf. The wolf speaks with great difficulty still but manages to get his meanings across.

Now out of the danger zone, so to speak, they continue their journey south to the Temple. It takes about 2.5 more days in the saddle to make it there. Many questions fill their minds but there are not many answers out here in the wild forests. Eventually they come to the ruins, feeling a bit dejected at the sight of it. It is only when they realize there is a whole section underground that seems to have survived the destruction that their spirits start to pick up. The stairs go about 200 feet underground before coming to a well lit room with several statues of fine looking men, there are 2 additional statues but they seem to be blank in appearance and weathered and worn. There are several rooms that branch off the main, and then a large library that has well weathered the test of time thanks to the protective nature of the cavern they are in. They find rooms to set their stuff in and settle in for a bit of rest and research. Happy to not be sleeping on the hard cold earth out in the wilds.


Session 2.1 – The Blue Book Continuations!

At first everyone was excited to be here, to learn and see what they could find. However it soon became apparent that not everyone was really a lover of reading. Kára especially found the waiting to be very tiresome. There is only so much room to pace in the hall ways so she decided to start investigating all the rooms. The only real item of interest is the one door that says Do Not Enter. Of course a sign like that is more like an invitation to certain people. It also didn’t take long for the others to notice she was missing either. Perhaps it was not hearing the steady tempo of her pacing on the stone floors anymore.

We will Start with Kára, since she was the first one to enter into the Forbidden zone and the only one to enter without first getting approval, and start the next log with the others. The stone floor here is well preserved and she moved forward unafraid not knowing the answers that would be put before her here in the darkness. She makes her way down the steps only to have them shift into a ramp into the darkness. She is able to keep her footing by spreading her legs to the side and moving slowly down the remaining steps. Here she finds an ogre, chained to a slate platform. He sits listening, and when she moves around the edges of the wall, he continues to watch her. He was confused by her actions but he allowed her to continue on her path. Eventually she offered him some jerky as no one has been through this way in a long way. His voice cracked a bit as he says, “Fail”, while his arms move to hit a switch. A section of the platform rotates revealing a spiral staircase leading down.

The air is much cooler down here and thick spider webs coat the walls and railing. The sounds of something skittering inside the walls is a little unnerving, but she was committed to her course. After traveling a good ways down she eventually could see the flicker of torchlight coming from a room below here. As she made her way into the room she noticed a large torch in a metal pole in the exact center of the room. She checked the walls first and found a section of rock that had a cold breeze coming from behind it. Finding no way to open it she decided to investigate the torch. She pulled it back and the sounds of gears moving above her and below her sounded ancient and moaned. The skittering form earlier became reality as a large spider lowered itself from the ceiling.

It webbed the torch, causing it to go out and become stuck in the position it was in. Kára didn’t hesitate this time and quickly sprung to action. Two swipes of her axe and the spider quickly became yesterday’s news. However the sounds of the gears continued to go on around her. With no spider to worry her she finally got a good glimpse of the torch mechanism. A spot for a large stone seemed to have been cut out and was missing from the torch. Looking around the room, the only thing in it was the spider so she quickly looked it over. Two of the spiders eyes had been replaced. She ripped them out and placed one in the torch. Then removed the remaining webs and the torch clicked back into place. The light flickered and danced in a strange chromatic pattern until a single spot on the wall was revealed. Further inspection revealed a stone there was loose and could be pressed. After pressing it the gears once again started moving. The sound of rushing water could be heard from above and small rivulets could be seen forming on the walls. She knocked the stone out of the torch and put the other one in. The other stone clicked into place and the whole platform rotated, revealing a regal staircase underneath.

Gilded sconces held unlit torches and two stone wolves stood at the bottom in front of a large stone door. The door is very intricately carved to look like a grand ancient forest. Two obsidian hand plates have been worked into the door, one one each door. She puts her hands there but nothing seems to happen. So she decides to investigate the rest of the room. The stone wolves are well carved and look lifelike, except for the rubies they have for eyes. They don’t seem to move though even after inspecting them. So she moves her attention to the torches. She takes the torch out of one of the sconces and uses the flames from the torch above to light it. Lighting the other torches causes the walls to come alive with the illusion of being in a grand forest. Once all the torches are lit and the last one replaced she notices that the illusion has also included the large doors themselves. The grand carving now looks like the water is running and even the occasional bird flying can be seen. The two rings surrounding the obsidian plates now have lights around them. So once again she puts her hands there. This time hoping for a different result.

I don’t normally include much of the dialogue, but I will include this bit here.

The voice in her head sounds amused, “Long has it been since the temple has seen one of the realm. The least probable of all the options has come to knock at our door. A child of the Unicorn taken in by the Dragon seeking knowledge at the Wolves gate. If such a being more confused and backwards than yourself exists in this realm I would be surprised. You are either the bravest woman in this time or the most foolish and insane to have ever dared enter.” Kára reseponded with, “Probably a bit of both, to be honest.” Sounding a bit annoyed now, the door responded with, “Why are you here child of the chromatic skies. Your people are not supposed to be here anymore. The Third Galactic Covenant of Emperor Khalil states that in the 35th year since the founding of the empire the Unicorn Tribe would return through the gates, leaving the others to deal with the creation in whatever manner they deemed necessary for the survival of all the races.” Kára with a mixture of innocence and surprise, “Forgive me, I was unaware of that. I honestly don’t know why I’m here. I’m trying to find my way back to a home that I don’t remember.” The door was surprised once again by her honesty, “I can sense the fractures in your mind. It would explain how the Dragon even managed to get in at all. You were a fool to accept their gifts. Lack of knowledge is no excuse. It has been many years since a dragon has walked the face of this planet. The last known Dragon was Nesenth the Vile in the 332nd Year of Kallil’s reign. The others where removed under the 52nd Galactic Covenant. A shame the knowledge has not survived the time. Why should we let you pass or even leave? You are now tainted with the dragons blood and violating numerous galactic covenants.”

Kára now a bit resigned and very concerned, “Is there a way for me to remove the dragon blood?” The door unsure of how much to tell to the enemy decides to walk a middle of the ground path. “There is no known way unless your people have one on the other side of the gates. The last attempt was with Zinnath the Destroyer in the 175th year of Kallil’s reign.” Kára now trying to back peddle a bit, “I take it that didn’t go well. Well, I mean no harm and just wish to return home. Perhaps there’s something I can do to atone?” As if a judge passing sentence to the condemned the door spoke with conviction, “You will bring fire and destruction to this world. The heavens will be torn asunder with the actions of you and your companions. Your people are no longer allowed her because of the death they always bring in their wake. The stone has already been cast in to the pond. Take what you will death bringer I no longer have the strength to stop you. The Ages have robbed me of my power. So with my remaining power I shall name you. I name you Kára the Corrupted. Journey forth if you dare, the sentries will no longer allow you to pass in peace.” Her skin burns as the bands heat up before they let her go. The illusion on the door runs dark red as if covered in blood. Cracks appear in the door and it crumbles around her. The stone dogs to her side come to life and attack her.

She makes quick work of them but chooses to do subdual damage in the hopes to not upset the wolves further. She leaves them alone and ventures further on. The pathway here branches into 5 different hallways. 4 of the hallways have impressions of animals showcasing what is down them. She investigates them all except for the Wolf path, as she has been receiving a bunch of mixed messages from them lately. Her search left her feeling more confused as she came across more of the strange armors and books in strange languages. She took some of them with her so that she could read them later, however in her current emotional state reading is the last thing on her mind. Getting her to read under normal circumstances is already a challenge. With her books in hand she continued to explore the cold underground chambers. With only one path remaining she chose to follow it, finding herself in a large reading room. Old couches and tables sat with empty lanterns and unlit candles resting nearby. Clearly no one has used this room in a long time. A lone door against the far wall is the only sound in the room as wind batters it from the other side.

She moves hesitantly towards the door…….

#1: Welcome to the Crucible
The Crucible: Session 1 Battlefield Total Exp: 2,000/PC Total GP: 100GP/100SP
Wyrven CR6/2,400Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
Guard x2 CR2/600Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
Alpha Armor N/A 6,000 GP
Unknown Wrist Device N/A 3,000 GP
Dark Matter Great Sword N/A 8,000 GP
Dawnstar 1000Xp/Player Artifact

Soft snow tumbled from the sky as cold icy winds sliced through buildings in the city of Arithal. Even in the middle of the day it seemed impossible to shake the coldness that clung to your body like death’s embrace. This winter weather seemed to the people to be the coldest and most brutal one they could remember. Those not fortunate enough to find shelter soon perished along the sides of the roads. Their corpses remaining until noticed by one of the Legion patrols who would then dispose of the body. Nijena moved quickly through the streets, trying to avoid any contact as she kept her eyes on the Society’s Supply Depot. No one really pays attention to the poor in the city so her movements go mostly unnoticed. There are 5 days remaining before the heist is supposed to take place. She glances at the sky, admiring the amber hues as the sun begins to set, and shivers slightly as the cold wind finds contact with her skin. She makes a mental note of how many guards can be seen through the windows before she leaves for her home.

Back at the Children’s Shelter Ainanar and Kára are making preparations for how to leave the city. With no one having any experience out in the wilds, they find themselves doubting and constantly changing their minds on what to bring with them. They look up as the door swings open letting in all the cold winter air. Nijena enters and sets her wools upon the rack near the fire. “How did the search go?” Kára asked as she looked over the provisions for what seemed like the hundreth time. “The Depot is close to Bakers Gate, but there is no where to keep the horses. Ainanar, do you think your other clerics have a place we could stable them until they are needed?” Ainananr thinks for a moment as she stares into the fire. “The stables are not used very often but it shouldn’t be a problem to stable them there for a short time.”

The scouting continued over the next few nights as the adventurers continued to plan and prepare for their journey. They wouldn’t have much time once the news was announced. Only an hour to get into the Supply Depot and steal the orb from the Society before the gates were closed for the evening. Their list of provisions at this point had been acquired and now all that was left to do was wait and not draw attention to themselves. Four days does not seem like a long time yet it moved at such a languid squalor that emotions and tempers were starting to run high. The group was thankful the morning that the paper came out with the news, “Society Buys Orb!” No one in the town had really suspected the Pathfinder Society of having that much gold. 3 million gold is no small sum to be handed over, let alone to be handed over all at once.

Where the days before moved slow, today moved far to quickly. Supplies needed to be moved, horses needed to be stabled, and an Orb needed stealing. As night began to fall, they gathered at the back door to the Societies Supply Depot. They took a deep breath and one last look around as once they began there was no going back. Their nerves causing them to shake slightly, yet they blamed it on the cold instead. Then with a nod it began. Ainanar cast his spell and covered them in a cloak of silence to hide their actions. She then moved to check the door for traps. Finding none Nijena opened the door and looked inside. The room was faintly illuminated, soft light filled the edges of the room as lanterns sat on stone ledges on the wall. Torchlight could be seen coming from two of the other rooms. They crept like mice thanks to the silence spell, and moved to investigate the other sources of light. They found a guard making his patrols in a room with a grand spiral staircase.

Not one to wait, Kára charged with her Greataxe, making quick work of the guard and spraying his entrails all over the wall and some out the window. As the torch fell to the ground, they noticed a metal trapdoor with a thick lock. Where Kára had no problem hitting the guard, the lock proved to be a tougher challenge. They were lucky that the silence spell was still in effect as the great axe missed a few times hitting the metal door instead. Eventually the lock is damaged enough where Kára could break it with her hands. They made there way down the ladder and found a large storeroom. This is probably where the gold was stored to pay out the 3 million gold used for the orb. Only a little bit of gold and jewels remained and the party was quick to pocket those. The spell that Ainanar cast to hide them in silence ended while they quickly searched the few chests that remained here. Not finding the orb they decided to head up the stairs to the second floor.

The sound of a fire could be heard coming from the next room as they ascended the stairs with weapons ready. Only to find no guards patrolling the upper level. They moved with failed grace and only Nijena moved with any semblance of stealth. As they explored Nijena managed to find the statue they were looking for, but failed to notice the scribe that had fallen asleep at his desk until she was right next to him. Kára was not one to miss things though, she noticed the unarmed sleeping scribe and made quick work of him. His head rolling off the desk, covering the papers, his child’s drawing, and his accounting ledgers in blood. Nijena pulled on the arm of the statue to try and open the secret door. This caught Ainanar a little off guard as the stone wall next to her shifted to reveal a secret room with a gold chest sitting on it. She looked for traps and it is probably a good thing they acted so quickly as the Society had not had time to put on any of the traps they would have liked. So the chest opened easily to reveal the Orb. As she picked it up, a new voice could be heard from the hallway. “Halt, you aren’t allowed in here!” Yelled the guard as he approached Nijena with his weapon drawn. The guard may have wanted to rethink this as he made his approach only to be cleaved in two from Kára’s greataxe.

With all the guards dead, not a lot of time remained to return to the horses and leave the city. Player Characters being Player Characters however, love to cut the timing close and choose to explore the Depot a bit longer. They managed to find a few magic items but the item of most important was the shields of protection that the Society uses to travel through the wilds. Not wanting to leave any of them behind they took all three in the hopes that it would delay them from following them. They swapped their wool clothing that was covered in blood before leaving to gather there horses. They made their way to the gates, paranoid and concerned, only to find that no one stopped them. Word had not yet gotten out of the theft. The guards waved them through as they closed the gates behind them.

For days they traveled through the mountain passes headed south. Constantly looking back, checking every few minutes for the hunters that didn’t come. These city dwellers feeling lost at night as the cold seeped into their bones and the strange sounds of the wild haunted their dreams. The going was tough but soon it was a little warmer as they reached the edge of the forests of Eagle Valley. The wilds are dangerous and no one really travels in between the towns. The trails they followed sometimes stopped at a dead end forcing them to double back and find a new path. Thankfully the weather had been cooperating yet everyone knew that wouldn’t last forever. The days on horseback had left them sore, as their bodies were not used to the jarring motions or the frantic pace of the first few days. As they traveled on the morning of the twelfth day they came across a strange structure.

Two odd columns stood out as a glaring contrast to the verdant green landscape around them. Nijena was the only one to notice so she had the others dismount and they tied up the horses to investigate it further. As they got closer however, something else wanted to investigate them. The Wyrven had been resting on the warm rocks, but had moved along the trees to get a look at the horses he wanted to eat for lunch. Kara screamed with rage and went to town on the poor beast with each attack leaving gaping holes in its scales. Not expecting it’s prey to attack it back the beast fled, barely surviving the dangerous assault. It let out a cry of pain as it flew off into the distance.

Kára, Ainanar, and Nijena, took stock of the damage and were pleased to discover that only Kára had taken a small amount of damage. Now that the Wyrven had been taken care of that gave them time to investigate the Columns and the old sarcophagus that rested in the center of this small run down temple. Old runes grace the edges of the top and in Archaic common written upon the lid is:

Thus may ye seen, that wysdom ne richesse,
Beautee ne sleighte, strengthe ne hardynesse,
Ne may with Venus holde champartie,
For as hir list, the world than may she gye.
Lo, alle thise folk so caught were in hir las,
Til they for wo ful ofte seyde ‘allas!’

Above and below the writing are two holes where someone could stick their hand in. The party was hesitant to test anything the GM might throw at them, especially with no Rogue to investigate traps, but they did feel a little better when their detect magic didn’t identify any dangers. Nijena was the first one brave enough to test the smooth obsidian stone with the hand print chiseled out. Depending on your outlook, thankfully nothing happened, as Ainanar was standing back with her scimitar waiting to fight whatever horror leaped out from this sarcophagus. Every possible undead horror was coming to her mind as she watched Kára place her hand upon the same stone. When nothing happened Ainanar was dreading what she knew was coming next, they were going to want her to try. She approached with hesitation, giving her scimitar to Kára incase some Lich or Wight or other horror escaped. Her hand shook with trepidation as she placed it on the cool obsidian. Immediately there was a different reaction from the others. Cool metal quickly encased her hand, preventing her from removing it.

The runes on half of the sarcophagus glowed with a bright light as her hand felt like it was being burned. Then just as quickly the metal that encased her hand released her. The ominous purple glow of the runes remained though. Partly from the pressure of her companions and partly out of curiosity she mustered the courage to place her hand on the other obsidian plate. Once again came the cool metal, the pain and the runes. This time however, the lid shifted just an inch. Ainanar jumped back as quick as she could, and only calmed down when she realized nothing was trying to claw its way out. No horrors to be fought, This Time!!!! She reclaimed her sword as the others pushed the lid off. Inside was a strange suit of armor unlike anything they had seen before. ((Need to add wiki pages)) On its arm was a strange device, and in its hands was a glowing sword.

Ainanar continued to stand a sort of guard while Kára investigated the new great sword and Nijena investigated the armor. In the hands of the Outsiders the items stayed dormant however as soon as Ainanar came into contact with them they came to life. Causing Ainanar to go as far as throwing down the helmet when a strange voice started speaking some strange language from the inside. While investigating the strange wrist device, another strange occurrence happened. While trying to discover its properties, Kára started speaking in some strange tongue. The Armor took some getting used to but it eventually finished adjusting to Ainanar’s size once she had it all on. Her watch with its strange display continues to baffle her but as a group they figured out how to dim the display some at least. They managed to discover a somewhat common language with the devices using celestial, but there is still a large language divide left to be covered. The session ended with Ainanar grabbing the orb while wearing all the new equipment, and suddenly being bombarded with a bunch of stuff in a mix of languages.

root@TerminalPublic4:~# open
//…….. Some Data Corrupted……….(8002F225)
//Attempting Data Recovery……………………
//Booting Backup Systems….
//Restarting Systems……………..
//Starting Eden Project
//Determining Ansible Connection
//Re-positioning Ansible Arrays
//Error- Unable to Establish Uplink
//Error- Improper Shutdown
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 1
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 2
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 3
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 4
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 5
//Error- Unable to Esablish Connection with Server 6
//Restarting Connection 2/15


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