The Crucible

Crimson Sands

The morning sun peaks over the dunes, its rays burning off the few remaining drops of dew that tried to form during the cold night. The confines of the pyramid offered some level of shelter and protection to our adventurers. The morning started with early meetings for Ainanar , Dragon: Azura and Kára with a few others. A meeting to discuss the future of the clans and their place here in the world. Would the Dragons once again rise to their proper place or would the Wolves take charge of the new order of things. After a bit of deliberation and negotiations, the Dragons where decided to start their recruitment and once again take their rightful place in the Imperial City. That left only the problem of creating the new Dawnstar. With the material needed having been stolen from the ship, it was time to start asking around where they might find more. Oblivion was able to provide them with a location, however the odds of completing the mission were only 52% if they could find the Mako Armor needed. The decided that the risk was to high for right now, but they would look into finding the armor just in case they did decide to follow through with letting Jackson see if he could work out something. With the future of the clans and their purpose in the world decided the party decided to start the day full of vigor.

Ainanar made her way to city with Dragon: Azura to talk with the Content Not Found: grand-chancellor-scorpius. Their journey there was quiet and uneventful as they both where focused on their thoughts and plans. Ainanar to try and resurrect Fenris and Dragon: Azura to start recruiting more guards. Ainanar made her way to the temples to find where Fenris’ body was being kept. The ritual was much shorter than expected though as Fenris refused to come back. Some say he is simply taking a longer nap or a vacation and that is why he refused to come back. Not having any luck there, Ainanar made her way to the bar to have a drink or two, so she didn’t have to walk another 30 minutes straight back to the pyramid.

Kára finishes talking with Azura about a few ideas for the Dragons, and about recruitment then.

Deahna being unable to reach the others during their meeting decided to make her own fun. After looking around the ship some more she managed to find the dragon’s den aboard the pyramid. Dragon: Allaros was taking care of her Dragon and they began talking. Not knowing Deahna’s penchant for danger, she suggested they go pay those Sand Scum a little visit. Not needing much persuasion off they went. Bombing and shooting lightning down upon the Sand People’s homes. After a few passes they returned full of joy and laughter. The beginnings of a new friendship were being formed.

Deahan calls Kara to ask for Karas permission to access the ship

Kara and Ainanar Reurn to Ship

Kara goes to find Deahna

Ainanar goes to find Zaeven

Ainanar and Zaeven have heart to heart

Kara tells Deahana to go double check ship

Dehana finds Ainanar and Zaeven

Makes Zaven feel useless

Zaven leaves, tells Jackson to send a Scientist

Zaven goes to activate portal

Dehana and AIn finish and return to bridge

Ain goes to look for Zaven and gets to Jacksons door

Loud explosion (Portal room 4)

Dehana goes to fix engine,

Kara gets shit directions to find Zaven in portal room 5

Finds out Luna blew up Portal room 4

Rushs out to find Portal room 5

Finds the open portal

Ain and De return to control room

D tells Ain that Zaven went through the portal

Ain goes to town to look for Tessa

Kara goes through portal

(Kara calls out, Zaven kills bird, they loot mausoleum. 7 armor sets,)

(Kara takes cursed rings, puts them on, takes damage)

Kara helps Zaven return

Kara and Zaven in Infirmary

Ain is 15 minutes from town, gets message they’ve returned with the goods.

Ain gets to town. Asks about landing platform and practice ship. gets permission from Jackson by asking for Permission. Goes to Chancellor and asks for people to move. They go to record keeper then tessa. Tessa teaching class, Ain waits. They talk, she will investigate throne room and if she succeeds she wants to become god touched. Ain asks her out for drinks, she said sorry, have date with a throne.

Ain returns. at gates there gets message, Dawnstar Activation. Happens twice. Asks oblivion and gets unknown energy source. figures luna. Kara asks for all Dragons. Finds out Allaros is with D. They were relieving stress.

Ainanar Comes, Kara wakes
Ainanar goes through the bags (Takes Dawnstar)
Tries speaking to dawnstar
leaves to find Deahana
Deahana tries
returns to Kara
Kara speaks to Dawnstar
Kara freaks out
Sedate Kara and take Rings, Forget About Rings
Take Zaeven to Surgery
Kara Still Passed Out
Few Guards on Ship
2 With Group, 2 In Throne Room

Thank you for Reading
PC Letter:

Crystal Dragon,

You owe me your life Dragon. I shall call in that favor at a later time. Or I shall come and take that life when you are not drugged. There is no honor in your death that way. None of your stones are on my list. You may keep them for now. My master had other plans for your ship though.

– €

P.S. Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem. //GM Note: This bit in Auran, Chose latin to mix it up a bit! Rest of letter in common.



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