The Crucible

#3 The Temple

The Crucible: Session 3 Wolf Temple Total Exp: 2600XP/PC Total GP: 100
WolfPack Trial: Room 1 CR2/600Xp Cp 0/ Gp 0
Unlocked the Dawnstar Adam 2,400Xp 0

The Cold halls and passages where once again starting to see the signs of life. A nice change from the years of it being dormant and quiet. Our day starts with the party being split into two different groups. Kára is causing trouble deep in the depths of the Trial of the Wolfpack, there without permission. While Ainanar and Nijena are being dutiful students, learning more about the true history of the world hidden from them by the Nobles of the main cities. After 2 days of listening to Kára’s rants and tantrums about how bored she was, the silence in the Temple went only unnoticed for a brief while. Like a concerned parent, both Ainanar and Nijena knew that the silence could only mean that Kára had managed to find some form of trouble to get into. Their fears where confirmed when after walking around the Temple they could not find her anywhere. There was only one room they had not checked, and that one was labeled, Do Not Enter.

There was no hesitation as Ainanar removed the Content Not Found: dawnstar-adam from his bag. Adam was loathe to give access to the rooms, until he found out that a member of the Dragon’s had made their way into the area. With his permission, the two PC’s made their way into the forbidden room. The stairs leading down apparently were a trap that had already been triggered. Now it was a smooth slide leading deep into the unknown and darkness. Nijena not disturbed cast light upon a piece of firewood and threw it down into the darkness. It traveled a good ways before she could no longer see the light. Ainanar used the time to tie a knotted rope to a sconce and prayed it would hold their weight. They made their way into the darkness, slowly and quietly, unsure of what might await them below.

Seeing an Ogre in chains using the piece of firewood with a light spell on it as a toothpick was probably as far down on the list of possibilities you can get. Clearly that is on the same level as a Dragon giving someone a manicure or something just as bizarre. However he didn’t seem at all bothered by their presence. They managed to investigate around him with no problem, Nijena even cast light on another stick after he finished chewing on the first one. Things seemed to be going well until Nijena came up to the Ogre and said, “Don’t eat the help, I’m here to help you.” The Ogre frowned at that and his deep voice filled the small room as he said, “Fail.” He moved over to open the hatch beneath him, letting them pass.

They could hear the sound of water as the descended further into the darkness. Eventually they arrived at the spider room. Water was slowly leaking down the walls, making this room even cooler than the one above. The torch in the center glowed with an odd flame as the stone in its center disrupted the light and sent it in a fractured pattern against the walls. Ainanar went to investigate the staircase by the torch while Nijena investigated the spider and the torch. There is always one whose desire to loot everything gets the party in trouble. Nijena did not disappoint as she took the stone from the torch. The stone platform the Torch was resting on spun close trapping Ainanar underneath. While up above, water flooded the room that Nijena was in. A passage in one of the walls opened and the force of the water carried Nijena from the room. Keeping her head above the water was difficult as it took her through some new unknown passages. She was even more disoriented when the water launched her outside, looking around she realized she was falling from a great height. The sound of waves could easily be heard beneath her as they crashed upon the rocks. The smell of salt in the air hung heavy around her as she began to fall. Her screams cut short by her impact with the water.

Ainanar hustled quickly back up the few stairs, only to see the slate slab had moved blocking her path back up. Seeing that it was pointless going back that way she decided to investigate the path forward instead. The rooms above that held all the Armor for the clans was only briefly looked over. She only stayed long enough to gather some books from the Wolf Pack room before venturing forth. Seeing no way but forward she pushed on, a little hesitant but with no other options. Thanks to Kara the door is open, so walking in she finds herself in a large reading room. Old couches and tables sat with empty lanterns and unlit candles resting nearby. Clearly no one has used this room in a long time. A lone door against the far wall is the only sound in the room as wind batters it from the other side.

A little while earlier……..
Kára made her way to the wooden door and examined it. The lock, if you can still call it that, had clearly seen better days. The salt in the air had eaten through most of the metal indicating it had been here a really long time. With little effort she removed it had the door open in no time. The cold wind from the sea battered her as she looked around. She had known the Temple was close but she didn’t realize it was this close. To her sides she can see the stunning height of the cliffs that she once stood on making her now feel rather small. Ahead is a small peninsula with a strange metal tower, odd windows grace the main floor and the very top floor. It’s placement is peculiar, as it does not appear to be a normal light house. Having come this far she wasn’t about to turn back now so she set forth, determined to unearth the secrets of this place. At first her path to the tower seemed rather easy. That was until the winds began to pick up. By the time she was halfway there it took all of her strength to not be blown backwards. She made it about 3/4 of the way before she lost her footing, and the wind pushed her back. She tried this for quite a while. She decided to take a break and think about everything that had been going on. It was a lot for her and she received a lot of mixed messages. Finally she gave in, the tears overcame her and she couldn’t stop them.

Her pity party was interrupted by screams. Looking around Kára saw Nijena flying through the sky like the Raven she is, only she doesn’t have her wings yet. The sickening impact of her body concerned Kára enough that she quickly stripped down as best she could and swam out to help bring Nijena back to the shore. With two members of the party reunited, the GM was once again happy, now to get the other member back. They chose this time to try and catch up and discover what the other had learned while travelling in the forbidden section. This was also the first time Kára admitted to someone that something strange was going on with her body, something strange ever since she placed her hands upon the Dragon Altar. Nijena offered to cut into the wound and make sure nothing was infected or anything strange was happening. Well she found something strange, yet thankfully Kara didn’t feel much pain as the area was so tender she quickly found herself unconscious. Her wounds healed quickly and she was quick to recover from fainting.

The door behind them opened as Ainanar had finally found her way to them. Together they once again caught up on what everyone had learned. This is also how Nijena managed to find out about the suits of Armor that remained in the section of the Forbidden area that she did not get to go to. With everyone in one place, they did sadly have to split up again. This was because Ainanar is the only proper Wolf Pack member among the group. With the strange light house up ahead and no way back they felt they had no choice but to investigate the strange tower. Ainanar moved towards the tower with no problem. The wind remained calm and she quickly found her way inside. The glass panels that appear to be windows have thin lines of something running through them that appear like cracks from a distance. The door was made of a strange metal that did not seem to show any signs of having been so close to the sea for so long. It was unlocked and opened easily for her.

The room was not like anything she had ever seen. A large desk/table covered half of the room (Like what one finds at a corporate lobby) and large glass paintings (monitors) that were badly cracked with odd lines of color running through them were mounted along the walls behind the desk. A jovial female voice seemed to be speaking in some form of really archaic common. She could tell it was some kind of repeating message as the words never changed and were always repeated in the same order. Investigating the room she discovered a narrow staircase behind the wall with the glass paintings. Unsure of what to do next she made her way up, to find a room full of metal cabinets. Some she could open and others she could not. In the center of the room was a dais with some wires sticking out of it. Now very unsure she pulled out Content Not Found: dawnstar-adam and was able to eventually figure out what to do. Not that Adam was much help. With Adam plugged in, strange noises began to sound from the cabinets. What did she do now! Also strange words began to come from her helmet. Although they were in celestial they made no sense to her.

INIT: 22Alpha Boot Sequence – Welcome to the Dawnstar AI Program
/Checking File Systems [OK]
/Adjusting Time [OK]
/ Remounting Root File System [OK]
/Remounting Dawnstar System [OK]
/Adjusting UI [OK]
/Attempting Ansible Connection [ERROR]
/Attempting Ansible Repairs [7%] ………

The noise coming from one of the cabinets begins to get louder and the front doors rise revealing a talkative Content Not Found: dawnstar-adam.

Meanwhile Outside….
Kára and Nijena were beginning to get restless as the waves crash into the rocks around them. Ainanar had been gone for a while now and she didn’t seem to be in any hurry to come back. If the GM had the illusion of keeping the party together it was clearly going to not be in this session. Nijena’s curiosity was not going to be held in check, so she went back into the Forbidden Rooms to check in on those rooms that the others got to see that she did not. She did not stay very long in the other vaults, the only one of interest to her was the one full of stuff from the Raven Clan. The walls were lined with potions and in the center of the room on a stand was a strange and compelling suit of armor. Unsure but with no one to stop her, she tried the armor on and smiled a bit as it adjusted to her dimensions. She then removed it and placed it in her bag of holding, hoping to hide its theft for as long as possible. She then turned her attention to all the potions in this room. Although some of them were bad she started the task of going through everyone of them.

Kára who was still outside, decided she was not going to let some wind stop her. No barbarian ever lets something as petty and simple as wind stop them when they set their mind to it. Seeking a different path she choose to swim to the end of the peninsula and then as quickly as possible make her way inside before the wind became to much. The main floor of the tower didn’t seem to interest her very much, her focus was only figuring out where Ainanar had run off to. So she made her way up the stairs and stopped at the top when she saw the construct.

“Greetings Disciple Ainanar.” The words seemed strange and tainted as the construct spoke them, as if they seemed hollow somehow. A million questions rushed through their minds. “Unauthorized access in Trials Vault 3. Disciple Ainanar, please investigate and remove all threats from the Trials.” A brief discussion brought Ainanar up to date that Nijena was probably the one the construct was referring too. So they asked the construct to remove the wind defense so that they could get back with no problem. With that removed they went looking for Nijena. The whole peninsula was a beacon of calm now, the waves also did not seem as violent or powerful. Just the soothing sound of waves rolling into the rocks and the cliff face. As suspected they found Nijena in the Raven room so they gathered her up and brought her back to the tower. She did find the tower to be a bit more interesting than Kára if you judge a book by its cover and how much emotion they express.

With night approaching and a day of exploring behind them Ainanar decided she was done and just wanted to get some rest. So she set up her tent by the exit of the Trials and began to try and sleep. Kára who had had a tougher day decided to just fall asleep in the same room where they found the construct. Nijena set up her tent also by the entrance, but it wasn’t very long before her curiosity once again got the best of her and she returned to the vaults.

“Disciple Ainanar, Intruder detected in the Trials Vault 3!” The voice from the helmet jolted Ainanar awake. This was going to take some getting used to. Ainanar tried reasoning with it, but eventually it was just to much for her. She convinced the Content Not Found: dawnstar-adam to send its construct to go remove Nijena from the vaults. She got out of the tent, packed it up and hugged the rocks underneath the cliff, taking her time on the more dangerous ones. Eventually she came to a path that led back to the entrance to the temple. Focused and determined she made her way back. Once there though her purpose became clear, WolfPack: Fenris, she was looking for Fenris. Luckily it didn’t require much searching as he was there at the entrance. She convinced him to come back to the tower in the hopes that he might be able to help her make something out of all that was going on.


“…Seeing an Ogre in chains using the piece of firewood with a light spell on it as a toothpick was probably as far down on the list of possibilities you can get….”


#3 The Temple

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