Armor: Alpha Armor


The Alpha Armor is an advanced armor that can be customized and enchanted as the game progresses. To benefit from the armor all items of the armor must be worn. Each armor is connected to a certain Dawnstar and will only work for a member of that clan (There are a few exceptions to this rule). The materials used for the armor are considered metal so a Druid would require a special suit to be crafted using high tensile synthetic fibers. The armor itself is not considered magical but it is master worked.

Each Dawnstar Clan’s armor has 5 Levels that a player can attune themselves to. The powers granted by these armors must be unlocked before they can be used.

Level 1: Increase Scent, Wolf Form 3 Minutes/Day
Level 2: Increase Sight, Wolf Form 10 Minutes/Day
Level 3: Increase Hearing, Wolf Form 1 Hour/Day
Level 4: Increase Scent, Wolf Form 1 Day
Level 5: Increase Hearing , Wolf Form At Will
*Increase is a +2 to Perception that stacks but only for those particular types of checks.
*Wolf Form follows Druid Wildshape Rules Regarding Stats and Abilities

Base Stats:
Armor Bonus: +6, Max Dex: +4, Check Penalty -1, Max Speed: 30
Restrictions: Only Elf or Human
Base Cost: 6000GP

Current with Enhancements:
Armor Bonus: +7, Max Dex: +4, Check Penalty -1 , Max Speed: 30, DR 1 / -
Armor dimly illuminates a small area, increasing the light level in a 5/foot radius by one step (Darkness becomes dim light, and dim light becomes normal light).
Restrictions: Only Elf or Human


Armor: Alpha Armor

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