Seraph Rings


Aura: Enchantment, Divination

These rings bear the marks of angels yet their purpose has long been twisted. Whenever someone tries to take the cursed rings from someone they are required to automatically make a will save. If they fail the save, they immediately put the rings on their hand and forget about them entirely. Should they pass, the quest does not take hold and they can do whatever they want until they touch the rings again.

After wearing the rings for 1d6 days the wearer begins to feel compelled to search for the Dawnstar that is connected to these rings. If the subject is prevented from obeying the quest for 24 hours, it takes a -3 penalty to each of its ability scores. Each day, another -3 penalty accumulates, up to a total of -12. No ability score can be reduced to less than 1 by this effect. The ability score penalties are removed 24 hours after the subject resumes obeying the quest. If the wearer is still wearing the rings while holding the Dawnstar, the wearer is required to make a will save vs the DC of the Dawnstar to relinquish control of the Dawnstar.

These rings do not suppress ring slots, they force the wearer to use the 2 rings as the active rings at all times. Negating any other rings, unless the wearer has something that allows them to wear a 3rd ring. The wearer does not realize that they are wearing the rings and may be confused while trying to figure out why their other rings are not working.


Seraph Rings

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