Character Creation


Character Creation and
Character Races


  • Starting Level: 8
  • Starting Gold: 36,000
  • Character Race: I recommend picking Human, Elf or Dwarf for this campaign.
  • HD: – Half or Better: Meaning on a d10 = 6-10, d8= 5-8, d6 = 4-6
  • Skill: Linguistics: Each point of linguistics cost 2 skill points for every 1 point.
  • Skill: Use Technology: This is a new Trained Skill. Requires GM approval and a backstory as to why your character would have this. Max rank at start of game is 4.
  • Experience: Progression is Slow
  • Magic Level: In towns Magic Items are easy to find. Outside of town, Magic Items are few and far between. However, Legendary Items do exist and can be found. Plan accordingly for healing magic and items.

Races from any book besides Core Rulebook must be approved by the GM. Creative back stories are a requirement for the more exotic races. All Races must be from pathfinder or pathfinder society. No third party Races or Dungeon and Dragons Races are allowed except for those listed under Custom. I will listen to any arguments for a race being included or excluded but the starting answer is no.

Ability Scores

I find that this worked well for the party last time, so I will be continuing it again for this campaign. Character Stats will be done using either a 25 Point Buy or Heroic Rolling 2d6+6 (Do not re-roll a 1). You must choose one or the other. If you end up with really low scores after rolling we will talk about it and come to a resolution. I like to witness dice rolls, however, I know with everyone’s busy schedules that is not always possible. If you decide to roll please send me your scores once you have them so I can jot them down.

Character Creation

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