Illegal Journal Entry

//Sector 5 – Cord. 12h 51m.4 – M4-Crucible
To Whoever is reading this my name is Meredith Aryn, one of only eight remaining Techno Mages. I know not where this will end up, but I feel it is my duty to report as accurately as possible on the events that lead up to this point. We do not belong here. Every day we come closer to extinction, The false Monarchs who hold power hide this information from their subjects. We know not what awaits us should we return. I find myself rambling as the time to make our decision draws near. Let me rewind a bit so that a clearer picture can be painted. The Age of Destiny, or as the machines call it the Age of Man, seems to the average person to be made up stories and old wives tales passed down from generation after generation. Many a bard has told the old stories of great armies, flying ships, and weapons of untold power. The only credence to their existence is the few ruins of crashed metal beasts that mar the hill side around the towns. Before we started this journey we had no idea this world we live upon is not our own. A strange thing to be told this isn’t your home when this is all we have ever known.

This infernal machine called the Crucible says that we are currently in the Age of Magic. The language is difficult to decode, but it speaks of an event called the Ragnarok which started a new age early. I will translate what I can, yet some of the words have no meaning to me or my fellow Mages. We had joined the society to investigate the old things of our people. That was when we stumbled on an ancient platform with its old Dwarven runes and odd geometric shapes sticking out from a cave on the mountain Loriet. Fifteen of us set out and only eight of us survived the journey. We fought our way to the center of the platform thinking this was our goal. How wrong we were. How much we didn’t know. Looking back I can see how our towns and villages made us weaker generation after generation. No longer fighting the darkness and hiding behind our walls with our sorcery and magic constructs. So much knowledge has been lost and who knows what can be recovered. After replacing the power cells on the platform we pulled a lever. A bright light covered us and as our vision returned we found ourselves in a metal beast of some kind. As we explored more we learned that it was some type of ship. We found old decayed corpses of all kinds of creatures, they all seemed to be wearing the same type of outfit. I hear someone coming so I will update more later. We have a couple days before our decision.


\\Illegal Entry
\\Subject to fines and penalties
\\Please turn yourself in to the nearest security station.

Illegal Journal Entry

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