Salathiel is a terrestrial planet located located 1.38 AU away from the sun. The planet contains 6 continents that are divided by great oceans. The Nobles try to keep the citizens in their city, so very few people know of or have been to another continent. Salathiel has a tilt of 22.3° relative to the orbital plane which gives the seasons a similar pattern to that of Earth. Please refer to the Climate and Weather page for more information about a particular region.

The continent that is the focus of this campaign is Cusux (See Map Below), whose name only the most ancient of scribes, a well informed rich Noble or a Dawnstar might recall. There are 7 Major cities, all controlled by the Noble Davenport Family and its offspring. Most of the citizens of this continent live inside the cities and are oppressed and enslaved by their Noble caretakers. Settlements found outside in the wilds range and adventurers should use caution. The Pathfinder Society is the only faction that travels outside the cities on a regular basis. They travel to the main 7 cities and act as a trade network so that all the cities can operate at peak efficiency.



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