DC 7 Seraphs

Deep in the outer planes in the heavens 7 Solar Seraphs sat in contemplation of their servitude to their God. Tired of playing the right hand of a demigod they decided to try something new. Together they abandoned their posts, and descended to the Material Plane. In the year 377 AC the Xittehan Emperor Commadus was the first ruler to strike an accord with the self named Serpah Council. The level of corruption among mortals was hard to handle at first. However, soon they developed a following of those who wanted to better themselves. The people called them the Holy 7, yet that name didn’t sit well with them. For they did not consider themselves Holy any more. So together with their few followers they decided to call themselves the 7 Seraphs.

Their time in the city for the first 10 years was rough as the people adapted to having Angels living among them. People from all over the Empire came to see them, hoping for miracles and other wonders. As their power and fame grew many people close to the Emperor began to distrust them and their motives. Many started to distrust the Emperor as well, convinced that he was no more than a puppet now. The Seraphs feeling bad for the imbalance their presence created tried to warn the Emperor of the growing malcontent in his city. They offered to leave, but the Emperor insisted they stay and only leave if they truly felt they had to. So with great hesitation they decided to stay.

This act of kindness resonated deeply with the Seraphs as the Emperor was the only person of power who spoke to them with an honest and pure heart. They wanted to reward him, but they were unsure what to offer. Together they sat, and asked their congregation what would be the greatest gift they could give such an honest man. Now even though the bureaucrats disliked the Emperor, the common people loved him. Because of that, the common response was that many feared the day his son would take the realm from him as he passed beyond. For his son was a vicious violent man who cared not at all for the common folk. So together the began looking for a way to extended the emperor’s life.

In 345 AC the Seraphs had successfully crafted all the components for the first Dawnstar. However they needed a way to test it. Not trusting the corruption of the city, the youngest of the Seraphs volunteered to undergo the procedure. For 2 years the Seraphs debated the idea, for the thought of losing one of their brothers was to heartbreaking to even think of for these 7 were all that remained of everything they knew before. Knowing of their struggle, the Elven High Priestess Elénaril one day came to the Seraphs, “My Brothers in Faith. I present to you another option. Look into my heart, look into my mind, look into my soul. I will give myself to your test. Sacrifice not your brother, keep your years of happiness.” For another year the Seraphs debated, unsure if the person would survive the procedure or not. If the person undergoing the procedure did not survive the guilt would eat at them for many years.

In 342 AC the Seraphs took Elénaril up on her offer and the first of the Dawnstar’s were created. For a year they watched and monitored Elénaril, pleased to see her adapt and thrive in her new metal body. Meanwhile the situation in the city was very dangerous for the Emperor. Who even after all these years remained pure and true in his heart. Unwilling to give into the corruption and treachery that was surrounding him. News of someone planning an assassination had come to the attention of the Seraphs so the requested a meeting with the Emperor. Always pleased to meet with them he welcomed them with open arms. So with hesitation the Seraphs explained their gift to him. The opportunity should he choose to live an almost immortal life as a Dawnstar.

Hesitant to leave his people the Emperor asked for a year and a day to think it over. The Seraphs thought this was a reasonable request and also another reason why he was worthy of a gift like this. About a week later the attacks began. For 2 weeks the Emperor fended off assassins. At the end of the second week the Emperor requested an audience with the Seraphs. “I have failed my people. These attacks leave me to weak to do anything. So of you I ask a boon, if I take your gift, it will leave a power vacuum. Please help me bring peace to all my people. Even the ones who try and kill me now.” The Seraphs of course accepted the boon, for peace in the realm is all they desired as well. With the pact between them sealed, Xittehan Emperor Commadus became the second Dawnstar upon Xapham.

DC 7 Seraphs

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