Faction The Legion


Welcome to the Legion


“Dura lex sed lex”

The Legion is the iron fist that helps keep the Monarchs in power. They are also one of the only forces strong enough to tackle the occasional assaults by the creatures that call the wild lands their homes. The origin of the Legion has been lost to time, yet its appetite for violence and combat has remained voracious. The Legion is comprised into two separate sections but both are just as deadly when crossed, the Royal Legion and the Legion. The Royal Legion works as body guards for the Nobility and are the Tax Collectors for the city. While the Legion mans the outposts and enforces the Laws in the city. On Wednesdays the Legion distributes the royal decrees and executes/punishes all those they have captured who have violated the law. Wednesday is also what the city dwellers call the Purge. Those who are found to be traitors to the crown or can no longer pay their taxes are taken outside of the city, staked to the side of the nearest mountain or hill. They are left there as an offering to the creatures of the wild.

Some information has yet to be found or high enough knowledge checks have not been made. Information will be updated over time as the Player Characters unlock more information.


Faction The Legion

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