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Ver 2.10.26

Dawnstar Clans And Factions – Updated to New Layout
Headers- Implemented Across Whole Site
CSS Changes – Still Checking for Errors
Item Page Has Been Updated with all Armors. Details of Armors to Come Later.
Full Loop of All Dawnstars, and Armor with Dawnstar.

To Do:
Update Adventure Logs
- Flushed Out Notes, Need to Get them Online. Start with Rough layout. Then Add Story elements.
Add Meredith To Wanted List as KIA
Add remaining Dawnstars
Finish Adding History to All Clans
Science and Technology Tree to Be added.
Investigate Tables. Chrome 100%, Firefox 80% (Odd Spacing)

//Removed Ver 1.8.24

Update Page

The Crucible Anubisshade